As an Azure Cloud Developer, this Microsoft Game You Should Try!

Jiadong Chen
3 min readFeb 12, 2022

Microsoft provides developers with a lot of learning materials. For example, I usually like to learn new technologies on Microsoft’s Learn platform. Not only can I choose and combine learning paths that suit me, but Microsoft also provides interactive exercises in the process. Learned a lot about the Azure cloud myself on Microsoft Learn.

I just didn’t expect that Microsoft would go a step further and release a card game for developers to learn the knowledge of the Azure cloud! Welcome to the Microsoft Technical Quest, which introduces gamification of Microsoft Azure technologies!

This is a card game, and Microsoft made Resource cards based on various resources on the Azure cloud. You can view these cards by the category the resource belongs to.

Resource cards

For example, if we select the Azure Function card, we can see its properties, description, and so on.

The Azure Function card

At the same time, you can also see that Microsoft has visualized some behaviors on the Azure cloud as Actions cards, which are probably used to help developers learn best practices on the Azure cloud.

Jiadong Chen

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