Exploring Microsoft’s Trailblazing Tech Advancements: From AI-Powered Cost Management to Advanced Threat-Hunting Techniques

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Microsoft continues to innovate and empower businesses with cutting-edge technologies. From AI-driven cost management to disaster recovery solutions, and from enhanced AI document intelligence to advanced threat-hunting techniques, the latest offerings are designed to elevate your organization’s efficiency and security.

Read on to discover the latest updates in Microsoft’s technology landscape:

🔷 Copilot in Microsoft Cost Management
Microsoft Cost Management’s AI chat capability, Copilot, reduces the unpredictability of operational costs by providing visibility into workload-related spend, offering insights into spending patterns and anomalies, enabling budget setting, workload cost sharing, and identifying optimization opportunities, all achieved through natural language queries without needing to navigate the Cost Management UI.

🔷 Empowering Disaster Recovery for Azure VMs with Azure Site Recovery and Terraform
Azure provides comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solutions that are easy to use, secure, scalable, and budget-friendly, enabling businesses to replicate virtual machines from one location to another through Terraform and Azure Site Recovery.

🔷 Azure AI Document Intelligence's new capabilities are now generally available
Azure AI Document Intelligence, formerly known as Form Recognizer, now has new capabilities including document classification and splitting, providing a comprehensive set of AI components to build document processing workflows and simplify document-centric tasks.

🔷 Step-by-Step Guide: Azure AD PIM for Groups
Azure AD PIM enables organizations to manage, monitor, and audit access to Azure resources, and its recent enhancement allows the implementation of just-in-time (JIT) access for any Azure AD security group or Microsoft 365 group, regardless of whether they are role-assignable groups or not, through a step-by-step configuration process with approval mechanisms.

🔷 AiTM & BEC threat hunting with KQL
The post covers AiTM phishing and BEC campaigns, offering four key points for threat hunting using #KQL in Microsoft 365 Defender and Azure Data Explorer: tracking initial access, detecting IOCs in URLs, visualizing user access with geolocation maps, and capturing suspicious Exchange Online activities.

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