Let’s dive into Azure DevOps!

Jiadong Chen
2 min readDec 1, 2023

Let’s dive into Azure DevOps, a popular platform for implementing all your DevOps processes for your software development projects. It covers the whole software development lifecycle, from planning to deployment. This post will walk you through key features and use cases.

✅ Sign up for Azure DevOps

✅ Azure Boards
This feature allows you to create tickets or tasks for features, improvements, or fixes for your applications as part of agile or scrum processes. It’s a great tool for planning and tracking progress.

✅ Azure Repos
This is where developers can host their code, similar to GitHub or Bitbucket. It supports Git and provides features such as pull requests, branches, and various collaboration features.

✅ Azure Pipelines
This feature is for building the CI/CD pipeline. It allows you to automate the process of testing and building your application into an artifact that can be deployed. You can use YAML or graphical interface to define your pipelines, and run them on Microsoft-hosted or self-hosted agents.

- 🔽 Key concepts
- 🔽 Templates
- 🔽 Service Connections
- 🔽 Environments



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